Making company and personal travel decisions have now taken on a new dimension with the current Corona Virus situation. We empathise with those that Agile Visa and Agile PEO is helping with Global Mobility and their career move into a new country. Some of which have had their move put on hold.

It is important to know the facts before making decisions that will impact companies and families. The below dashboard provides an up to date snap shot of how the COVID-19 virus is spreading and how the infected are recovering. The below link is one of the few live updated websites to safely track the situation.

How to make an informed company travel policy for COVID-19

– Check on the country of travel’s current COVID-19 status as per the WHO.

– Check the country of destinations government issued recommendations and
guidelines. For Singapore for example check .

– Check out other best in class company policies issued.

– Check travel insurance coverage for intended destinations.

– Check airline stoppage and any business disruption statements.

– Have staff read and acknowledge new travel and health and safety policy.

– Agile’s recommendation would be to use government and or World Health
Organisation published data as considerations when making policy and
decisions as there is an abundance of false and exaggerated news out there.

The World Health Organisation (the WHO) has a wealth of amazing information on their website including county risk profiles and educational infomation about how to deal with the disease from a corporate point of view. The website

A major consideration should also be the country of travel, and to consider a country specific policy, their reporting and governance of the disease. Singapore for example has been complimented by the World Health Organisation with Dr Tedros commenting that “We are very impressed with the efforts they are making to find every case, follow up with contacts and stop transmission,”. Where as Indonesia currently has not reported any cases and has been identified a possible concern to the WHO in the management of COVID-19.

There are many resources available but if you would like to see some current up to date information on what corporate actions are being taken in the Asia Pacific region, Agile can send you further information.

Stay safe, clean your hands regularly and keep calm.