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We hire and manage your international talent on your behalf – saving on onboarding, legal and admin costs.

We handle all of the administrative tasks related to employment, including payroll, taxes, benefits, insurance and compliance with local laws and regulations – you focus on your growing your business.

How Global EOR Works

Global Employer of Record is a business model and service that allows companies to expand their international workforce without establishing a legal entity in the foreign country. Instead, they partner with a Global EOR provider who becomes the official employer, taking care of legal, payroll, and compliance matters on behalf of the client.

Agile HRO has been the Employer of Record for hundreds of companies over the last 30 years and been their partner in global growth.
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Employ global talent legally and easily, ensuring compliant and risk-free hiring practices

Streamline payroll processing for hassle-free payments

Stay up-to-date with ever-changing regulations and avoid penalties

Retain control of intellectual property and invention rights created by your team

Continue to have full control over employee management and performance

Have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager under the Agile Experience

Our Global EOR solution is designed to help you

Hire & Onboard Talent Efficiently

Employ global talent legally and efficiently, adhering to compliant and risk-free hiring practices:
Maintain full control over employee management and performance:
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Pay Your Global Workforce Accurately & Compliantly

Global Payroll is a complex, critical part of any global organization. Streamline payroll processing for easy, hassle-free payments:

Stay ahead of the evolving regulations of Global Employment

Stay up-to-date with ever-changing regulations, avoiding penalties and legal pitfalls:

Focuses on
core business

your company
your employee

Works compliantly
anywhere in the world

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Ready to go global?

Talk to our experts and discover how our Global EOR solutions can help you achieve your international business expansion goals.

Our Global EOR Benefits

Education Sponsorship

By partnering with us you’ll be supporting children’s education and giving them the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve their dreams.


Ensure adherence to international labor laws, mitigating risks and safeguarding your global expansion.


Seamlessly scale your workforce in over 100 countries, adapting to market demands without the hassle.


Rely on our seasoned professionals with a proven track record in Global EOR, offering unmatched industry knowledge.

Access to Top Talent

Tap into a vast pool of global talent, strategically positioning your business for success.


Optimize your budget with streamlined payroll processes, reducing overheads and improving financial efficiency.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from our dedicated Customer Success Manager through the Agile Experience, ensuring continuous support and responsiveness to your needs.

Access to a Global Network

Our extensive partnerships and connections give you access to a vast pool of qualified professionals, ensuring you find the right talent to fuel your global expansion.

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Everything you need to know to hire globally

Our Ultimate Guide To Global Employment answers all your questions about global EOR, payroll, mobility, benefits, compliance, and more!

Our Global EOR track record speaks for itself, but don’t take our word for it

Ready to go global?

Talk to our experts and discover how our Global EOR solutions can help you achieve your international business expansion goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We Are Always Ready To Answer Your Questions
Global EOR, or Employer of Record, is a service that enables businesses to hire and manage international employees compliantly. It simplifies global expansion by handling legal compliance, payroll processing, and other administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on core business functions.
Our advanced payroll solutions streamline financial processes, guaranteeing timely and error-free payments for your global team. This not only ensures financial efficiency but also frees your business from administrative hassles. Our Agile Hero platform supports multi-currency and payroll reporting for global teams.
We pride ourselves on a proactive approach. Agile HRO keeps abreast of ever-changing international regulations, ensuring your global operations consistently align with the latest legal requirements. This helps reduce the risk of penalties and navigate potential legal pitfalls efficiently.
Absolutely. Agile HRO empowers you to retain control of intellectual property and invention rights created by your global team. This fosters innovation while safeguarding your business interests globally.
With Agile HRO, you maintain complete autonomy in managing and evaluating your global workforce. Retain control over employee management and performance, fostering a cohesive and high-performing team aligned with your business objectives.
Every client gains access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager as part of the Agile Experience. This ensures a personalized and responsive support system, addressing your queries and keeping you informed about the latest developments in global employment regulations. With lightning-fast turnaround times of 24 hours, Agile HRO is your dependable partner for resolving any HR issue that arises.
Absolutely. Agile HRO’s Global EOR services optimize your budget by providing cost-effective solutions. This includes streamlined payroll processes, reducing overheads, and enhancing financial efficiency for your global expansion.

Awards and Recognitions

Elevating global employment, Agile HRO proudly wears the badge of industry recognition. Renowned for excellence, we bring our award-winning expertise to redefine your global workforce management experience.

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Best Outsourcing Company (2020)
Prestige Awards

Our Clients

24/5 support
120+ currencies
100+ countries
30 years in Human Resources

Agile HRO has accelerated the international expansion of hundreds of companies for over 25 years.

Ready to go global?

Agile HRO are not just HR experts; we are your strategic ally in global growth. From consultation to execution, we are dedicated to ensuring your success on the global stage.

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