Recently we partnered with Caring For Cambodia (CFC) to further fulfill our corporate social responsibility and put others needs in front of our own. CFC are a great non-for profit charitable organisation that are providing high quality education for over 6,6000 children in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Here is what CFC have said about us;

“There are many ways to support Caring for Cambodia, and we are grateful to all those who help us fulfill our mission of educating children and changing the lives of current and future generations of Cambodians.

Singapore-based Agile Human Solutions demonstrates its commitment to CFC by sponsoring the education of one child at our schools in Cambodia with each foreign specialist the company brings to the Asian market for 12 months or more.

“We believe when expanding internationally, we should be mindful of our impact on the local communities. The key to longevity and sustainability is our investment in the education of our youth.”Leon Farrant, founder of Agile Human Solutions.

We agree, and thanks to the corporate social responsibility of Agile we are bringing hope and education to impoverished children in Cambodia. Thank you, Agile Human Solutions, for being heroes to our deserving students. We look forward to seeing Agile staff and partners on a CFC campus soon!”

To find out more about the charity and how you can help if you are able, click the link below.