Building culture in a remote team isn’t about after-work drinks or foosball tables. It’s a deliberate process that demands more, especially in the digital age where team members are dispersed. At Agile, we’ve honed ten principles to fortify our remote team culture:

Stop building culture around activities 🛑

Can we all agree that your culture has to be built around more than afterwork drinks, go karting or other mundane activities? The sooner you realize this, the better. These activities that lend themselves to being in person are simply not a possibility on a day-to-day basis for remote teams. Therefore, your culture has to be built around something more than this.

Culture is about loving the work you do 👩🏼‍🎤

In 2020, many realized the essence of their jobs when the office environment vanished. At Agile, we believe in finding joy in the work. Encourage employees to embrace the rewarding aspects of their tasks, promoting a culture centered on the love for what they do.

Software tools are for collaboration... and fun 💻

Digital tools enhance collaboration. Embrace tools for real-time communication and build a virtual space for shared experiences. GIFs, Zoom calls, and music perks are more than just utilities; they’re the building blocks of a vibrant remote culture.

GIFs / Memes 😜

Expressing emotions through GIFs and memes adds a touch of humor to virtual interactions. At Agile, we’ve made it an art. Use integrated tools like Giphy on Slack to infuse fun into everyday conversations.

Zoom Calls, Hangout, and Pair-Buddies 💬

Real-time conversations are irreplaceable. Leverage video calls for both team meetings and one-on-one catch-ups. Implement Pair-Buddies sessions to enhance cross-departmental connections and maintain a semblance of office social life.

Music and Book Perks 🎵 📚

Gift cards for music streaming services and eBooks foster a culture of shared interests. Encourage the creation of communal playlists, making the remote workspace feel connected through shared tastes.

Face to face catchups are still important 👩🏻‍👨🏻‍

Periodic team gatherings, even virtual ones, strengthen team bonds. Use such events to amplify your culture. Engage in activities that define your values and encourage team building.

Encourage your team to get out in their community 🌁

Being active in the local community creates brand ambassadors. Support employees in joining local meet-ups or volunteering, enhancing their connection with your company’s culture.

Build & champion trust 🙏🏽

Trust is the backbone of remote teams. Foster an environment where trust is earned through transparency, shared values, and open communication. Be clear about your company’s values to instill trust in a distributed team.

Get sh*t done 😜

Finish what’s important for the week. Show up in meetings with completed tasks to build trust and credibility. A culture of accountability and achievement is vital for remote teams.

As remote work becomes more prevalent, understanding and evolving your team’s culture will be key. At Agile HRO, we specialize in remote work and helping companies thrive globally. If you’re considering setting up a remote team or expanding your business, reach out to us here. Let’s build a robust remote culture together!