We've got exciting news for you - we've just launched 🚀 our new referral program, and it's very easy to join.

Simply fill out the form below with anyone you think will be interested and be rewarded with a Amazon voucher. Great isn’t it?

How it works:

1. Refer a new business by completing the form below 

2. Once your referred business signs up with Agile and onboards 1 employee, we’ll send over a $200 Amazon voucher as a thank-you 🙏🏽 – It’s that simple 

Why we launched this program:

We know that our satisfied customers are our best advocates. Your word-of-mouth recommendations are incredibly valuable to us and can help us reach new customers who may not have heard of us yet.

In addition, we want to reward our customers for their loyalty and support. We believe that our referral program is a win-win – you get a reward for your recommendation, and we get a new customer.

How to participate:

To participate in Agile Referral Program, simply fill out the form on our website with the contact information of the person or business you’d like to refer. We’ll take it from there and let you know if your referral becomes a customer.

We're excited to see what new business opportunities you'll bring to Agile HRO through our referral program.

Happy Referring!