In the dynamic landscape of modern work culture, the traditional allure of pool tables and free beer has given way to a new era of employee expectations. Today’s workforce seeks more than just a job; they crave benefits that align with the rapidly evolving professional landscape. Agile recognizes this paradigm shift and is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration with Omnix, fostering a seamless fusion of crypto and contemporary employment perks.

Modern Payroll, Modern Workforce 💼💰

Our partnership with Omnix brings forth an innovative approach to payroll, catering to both Employer of Record (EOR) arrangements and freelancers. Agile now proudly extends its payroll services to include both fiat and cryptocurrency disbursements, setting a new standard for the modern work experience.

Agile & Omnix: A Synergy for 21st Century Payroll

Enter Omnix, the trailblazing omni-tool designed for large-scale crypto disbursements. This collaboration empowers Agile to effortlessly integrate, manage, and distribute cryptocurrencies as part of our comprehensive payroll solutions, mirroring our established practices in fiat payroll.

A Seamless Process for a Modern Payday Experience

  1. Choose Agile as Your EOR: Embrace Agile as your trusted Employer of Record during the onboarding process.
  2. Access to the Omnix Platform: Employees gain access to Omnix’s user-friendly platform.
  3. Connect Wallets: Seamlessly link wallets to facilitate swift crypto transactions.
  4. Ready for Crypto Disbursements: Voila! Employees are now set to receive their monthly disbursements, enjoying the benefits of crypto alongside traditional payroll.

Agile at the Helm – Effortless Disbursements, Unmatched Support

Rest assured, Agile takes the reins in managing all disbursements and providing top-notch customer support. Our integration with Omnix heralds a new era where employees can experience the perks of crypto seamlessly, enhancing the overall employment journey.

Embrace the future of payroll with Agile and Omnix! For inquiries or to embark on this modern payroll journey, reach out to us using the form below.