For years, employers have faced an ever-growing demand for making work more flexible. Consider that 90% of employees now say they want to work flexibly; it’s no surprise that the number one goal for many new managers is to be able to support this trend.

Here are five ways employers can adapt to support the future of work, especially as millennials become the most plentiful generation in today’s workforce ❤️ 

Do you have the tools to support the future of work?

💬 Give people a voice

Millennials believe they need to earn respect constantly; they don’t expect it just because they got hired or graduated from college. If you want your employees to be a part of the future of work, they need to learn how to work collaboratively. Millennials expect a voice in their hours and days off and will leave if they don’t get it.

🕐 Know when it's time for a culture change

Millennials have been raised with fast-paced changes in technology and social media that have influenced their workplace opinion. If you aren’t adapting as an employer, your employees will leave for another job that can support their working style – or create their job! Consider offering something beyond salary increases, perks, and bonuses if you want your employees to stay with you longer (and feel like they are valued). 

🚼 Support workers who are pregnant or have children

Millennials want to do what they want to do even when they are at home. If you aren’t welcoming of working parents, you’re not going to get their loyalty when it’s time for them to decide on employment. Support your employees’ childcare by having flexible working hours, offering flex pay and on-site babysitters, and childcare subsidies. And don’t forget about single parents, many of whom have only one employee at home. Help them take care of their kids and offer flexibility with their schedules! 

📢 Have more open-door policies on communication

Open door policies are antiquated, in general. People want to feel welcomed, but they also want to feel respected. They’re never going to feel welcome if you don’t respect their time and treat them with dignity. Offer flexible work hours with flexible work schedules, allowing employees to work from home if they need the flexibility or have a family emergency that forces them away from the office. 

🥰 Change your attitude toward millennials

People’s biggest complaint about millennials is that they’re entitled, but employers are more likely to encourage entitlement than anyone else. Millennials are the most educated generation, yet they feel overworked, not supported, and underutilized. The future of work requires employers to allow employees to take ownership of their jobs and feel like they are making a difference in their organizations. 

🙏🏻 The future of work requires employers to adapt their working environment to support their employees’ work styles. Consider that 90% of people want to work flexibly, and you’ll see why it’s becoming the new norm.

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