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5 Payroll Challenges Facing Modern Business

Running a thriving organization leans heavily on the success of several complex procedures, all of which are interlinked and require constant attention. One of these unremitting procedures is the running of payroll – and with shifting trends in the business sphere, this procedure is grow...

Agile Referral Program

We’ve got exciting news for you – we’ve just launched ? our new referral program, and it’s very easy to join. Simply fill out the form below with anyone you think will be interested and be rewarded with a Amazon voucher. Great isn’t it? How it works: 1. Refer ...

Best AI Tools For Remote Work

As remote work becomes more prevalent, AI tools have become essential for businesses to manage their workflow and increase productivity. These tools not only simplify mundane tasks, but also provide valuable insights that can help companies make better decisions. Here are some of the best ...

5 Ways To Build a Healthy, Happy Remote SaaS Team

The trend of remote work has gained significant momentum in recent years. What once was an outlier in terms of staffing practices, managing remote teams is now firmly established in the business landscape, with multiple benefits enjoyed by employees and workers alike.  For companies, ...

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